The Hammam Spa - The Silk Roads (Opening Soon)

The Hammam Spa – The Silk Roads is a tranquil wellness sanctuary to relax, rejuvenate and to step into a revival of the age-old wellness tradition.

The concept was inspired by the rich maritime history of the strait of Melaka that has, for centuries, linked Europe, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Indian Ocean and South China Sea hence bringing it here to the AMES Hotel Melaka.

The word Hamman originating from the Arabic word “hamma”, is based on heating of cold water and is derived from the Turkish traditional bath, dating back to the Ottoman Empire.
The hammam tradition of the Turks is a Middle Eastern version of steam bath, involving several steps to detox, steam and purify and one emerges with baby smooth skin and a relaxed mind.

Experience a breathtaking to walk into the Hammam, welcomed by glittery crystals and the sweet aroma of tea – setting off a distinctive excitement – suggesting a magical experience is just steps away.

Walking into the soft-hued and cosily lit changing room in pastel shades of sunrise, complimented by soothing sounds of light music tantalising the senses, offering a sense of total relaxation.

The Silk Roads does not have a ‘his’ and ‘her’ section separately but we are open for women men at separate timings for a unique experience for all.

Make a reservation beforehand to enjoy a good hammam experience with us when our doors open soon.